HL7 CMHAFF Standard Introduction and Purpose
2.4.2 Use Case B 2.4.2 Use Case B

2.4.2 Use Case B

Device-Connected Wellness App

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A weight management app helps consumers to systematically collect weight information, food consumption information and exercise information.  Weight can be entered manually, or a consumer can link a wireless scale to the app so that weight is automatically collected when using the scale.  Food consumption is entered manually, and the tool estimates calories consumed based on the consumer’s input. Exercise information may be entered manually or collected automatically through integration with a smart watch. A walking app collects data based on how far someone walks, using...
2.4.3 Use Case C 2.4.3 Use Case C

2.4.3 Use Case C

EHR-Integrated Disease Management App

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A diabetes management app allows a consumer to collect blood sugar readings through a Bluetooth-enabled glucometer. A healthcare provider offers the app to enable the patient’s blood sugar to be captured through devices, rather than relying on manual entry by the patient, and to electronically transmit the readings to the patient’s physician, rather than using paper or FAX....

European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

Quality & reliability for health and wellness apps

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A new CEN Technical Specification for ‘Quality and Reliability of Health and Wellness Apps’ is being developed at the request and with the support of the European Commission. It is due to be completed in 2020. It will help to establish a common framework across Europe for the evaluation of these apps, giving users and health professionals confidence that the apps are fit for purpose, and providing app developers easier access to European markets.

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